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The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has almost made today’s society go ‘back to the future’ to find new safe ways for outdoor public entertainment options.

This prompted the launch of a new multi-use drive-in theater on the vast land parcel home to The Fair, Miami’s beloved annual Youth Fair.

“Drive-In at The Fair” will showcase classic motion pictures and family-friendly movies, live concerts, plays and other performances and events. The new outdoor theater will allow visitors to social distance and enjoy outdoor entertainment from the safety of their cars.

While allowing people to stay safe, the entertainment industry can help bring much needed relief to families and other groups including teens, kids and seniors.

Plans call for allowing up to 260 cars to park at The Fair grounds where large video screens in corner areas provide easy viewing. The venue is a perfect setting for a ‘new normal’ event flow including weddings, graduations, private events, and more.

“The Fair” has always been a place where the South Florida community can come for family fun. Now ‘Drive-In at the Fair’ will support entertainment for our collective ‘new normal’ by running on average from Thursdays thru Sunday, with a combination of 25 showings in a one month period to include movies, concerts, theater performances, and private events.

All content is produced by 3FEO - a national entertainment company on a mission to promote new experiences, new talent and diversity in the entertainment and performing arts world in the U.S. and throughout Latin America.

The group is led by George Cabrera who brings two decades of experience producing entertainment projects. In 2019 Mr. Cabrera served an executive producer of “The Amparo Experience,” an immersive play about rum makers and the Cuban revolution that became one of Miami’s biggest theatrical hits – running for 8 months to mostly sold-out performances.



Considering brands are faced with many challenges to sample products and connect with consumers in meaningful ways, the new drive-in experience is perfectly suited to allow for creative sponsorships, onsite activations, and branded video displays while maintaining public safety.



  • Performances run Thursdays - Sundays (venue can be made available other weekdays for special events)

  • Approximately 25 Showings per month

  • Kids under 15 are FREE with adult tickets

  • Two LED Screens (Screen sizes will be either two 19x20 or 1 19x40 screen)

  • Parking for up to 260 vehicles

  • Each vehicle slot is 15 x 25 allowing space to safely be outside with a chair or table

  • Strategic product placement available throughout venue

  • Opportunity to create customized goody bags for each vehicle. (Food items will be given at the end of shows)

  • Opportunity to UPGRADE sponsorships to include food packages for menu items prepared onsite

  • Signage throughout venue and branding placed on ticket sales website

  • Bathrooms can be sponsored

  • Brand representative can speak LIVE prior to each performance

  • Sponsored vehicles or other large branded items can be placed in highly visible areas

  • Opportunity to sponsor multiple performances for reduced sponsor rates

  • Opportunity to buy-out venue for private events including moving premieres, weddings, corporate parties, etc.


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