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TU 2023 Newsletter


¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO AMIGOS Y AMIGAS! It’s not too late, right? Technically since this is our first newsletter of 2023-it counts! What a whirlwind two months over at TU- our team and talent have been non-stop between campaigns, speaking opportunities, and content; let’s get right to it!


Talento Unlimited CEO Cristy Clavijo-Kish was featured on Univision’s @Vix streaming platform morning show “La Voz de la Mañana” with host Paulina Sodi as a parenting and social media expert to discuss how parents determine the right age to allow their kids to be on social media. When the US Surgeon General released a report about concerns for kids on social media, reporters from CNN to Univision took note. The concerns go beyond the occasional TikTok dance many teens are enjoying and shift to helping parents understand at what age they should trust kids to be on social media networks and stay safe. The warning centers on setting an age of at least 13 for providing access. Watch the segment below, and leave a comment on the post! What do you think is the right move for parents? A New Recipe for Success: TU COCINA Our friends at Hispanic PR Blog sat down with Cristy to chat about the launch of Talento Unlimited’s exciting new talent division, TU COCINA, and tips for aspiring creators and creator managers. It’s no secret that brands want to feature their stories on highly curated creator channels but still want to pay less than deserved. Trust us when we say if they noticed you, it’s because they know your value.” — Cristy Clavijo-Kish

Want to know more about how Hispanic creators drive sales for the food industry? Check out the rest of the interview here: Creator Corner: Shani Curry Knows Money

Shani Curry of Purse Empowerment is a personal finance expert focused on improving her client’s relationship with money and raising their credit score. We recently hosted a “Money Monday” with Shani, where she shared her tips for improving your money habits in 2023. Reach out to our team to discuss how your brand can work with Shani and the @PurseEmpowerment to share finance-related stories. Softening the Stigma with Anabelle Blum

Who says ice cream doesn’t solve everything? Okay, well, maybe not everything, but it sure does help soften hard conversations that we sometimes need to have with friends and family. Lifestyle creator Anabelle Blum partnered with Breyer’s and Latinx Therapy to provide Latinas everywhere with a digital toolkit on how to navigate difficult conversations with families about topics such as mental health, therapy, and family conflicts. Not only did it sweeten the conversation, but the campaign had customized curated resources created by Latino mental health professionals specifically to assist Latinas.

The sweet spot can be seen here

Talento Tip: Our next creator spotlight can feature your campaign with one of our incredible creators. Dale- let’s connect! TU HEADLINES

In January we launched TU HEADLINES, a weekly series where our team shares the latest news, updates and trends happening in marketing and social media. Be sure to tune in each week ( turn those notifications ON!) to be up to date on the latest, and chime in with your thoughts! Does Cultura Drive Your Next Campaign? It’s not just data that drives us- it’s an ongoing commitment to culture and authenticity that ensures campaigns, partnerships, and events begin with where the community is, and where we need to meet them. Whether it’s brand partnerships, strategic consulting, talent management, or event marketing, Talento Unlimited is here to amplify cultura and create campaigns that drive results with intention and impact. Email us for our services outline and roster of talent & event clients for your digital content campaigns.


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