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Find the perfect creator para TU campaña. At Talento Unlimited, we proudly represent multicultural content creators and business influencers who excel in crafting engaging, viral content spanning various niches such as food, culture, lifestyle, finance, parenting, fashion, beauty, interior design, photography tips, wellness, and motivational speaking.

Alberto Sardinas_edited.jpg

Alberto Sardiñas

Alberto hosts Intimo, the syndicated evening hit show where listeners share uplifting life stories and have a friendly heart-to-heart conversation with Alberto. He’s also the host of El News Cafe, Univision Miami’s signature daily daytime show dedicated to lifestyle tips.

Social Media Footprint: 2.6M+

Ana Quincoces

Voted Miami’s “Hottest Chef,” Ana Q took her celebrity status to catapult a successful career as an entrepreneur, presenter, and host.

Social Media Footprint: 175K+

Ana Q_edited.jpg

Anabelle Blum

Anabelle is a spirited entrepreneur and trendy mom who motivates her loyal

Latina fans daily with lifestyle, fashion, and motivational content. She’s the lovable girl next door we all want tips and advice from!

Social Media Footprint: 460K+

Armando Tam

Armando, of Chinese Nicaraguan heritage, is a passionate food aficionado. Tam creates content and virtual restaurants that showcase his love for food and business. His book, "It’s a Vibe," features dishes from his upbringing and travels, highlighting winemakers of color and continuing to make a significant impact.

Social Media Footprint: 25K+


Astrid Rivera

Astrid is a bilingual journalist and multimedia content creator. As a weekly LIVE contributor to Univision’s #1 Rated Spanish-language morning show “Despierta America”, she has led stories on everything from national headlines, beauty, fashion, and family. Astrid is also a veteran of the U.S. Army, entrepreneur and mom of three.

Social Media Footprint: 211K+


Eliecer Marte

Eliecer effortlessly blends his Dominican roots with a diverse culinary palate. Transitioning from Univision and Telemundo to dynamic social media platforms, he has emerged as a symbol of cross-cultural appreciation. With an impressive nine Emmy Awards to his name, Eliecer is not just a journalist but a master storyteller, forging connections and reshaping perspectives.

Social Media Footprint: 52K+


Bonnie Rodríguez-Krzywicki

Featured as “TikTok Top 100 Women to Watch in 2020”, Bonnie effortlessly shifted from an accomplished photographer to a captivating visual arts influencer. She gained recognition for her exceptional composition, lighting, and storytelling skills on how to look your best on social media.

Social Media Footprint: 3.2M+

Cristy Clavijo-Kish

Cristy is a leading figure in Hispanic marketing, known for her dynamic presence and unmatched expertise. Her innovative influencer campaigns and event marketing strategies have revolutionized how brands connect with multicultural audiences. As an expert speaker, Cristy's insights inform and influence industry perspectives, making her a sought-after voice on any stage.

Social Media Footprint: 20K+

Cristy Clavijo-Kish Headshot 6.23.jpg
Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 5.12.36 PM.png

Ingrid Pereyra

Ingrid is a versatile bilingual chef, food and lifestyle content creator, recipe developer, and TV personality. Her content mirrors her deep-rooted passion for culture, cuisine, and exploration, offering curated recipes, recommended culinary delights, LGBTQIA+ insights, and travel tips.

Social Media Footprint: 150K+

Lilibeth Ramirez

Lilibeth is a Spanish-speaking Food & Healthy Living content creator. With a super smile, ‘Mujeres’ turn to her for daily inspiration on meal prep, what food to buy, how to read labels and how to live overall healthy without being on a constant diet.

Social Media Footprint: 2.2M+

Lilibeth R_edited.jpg

Michelle Rodriguez Tapanes

Michelle, with diverse experience in hospitality, luxury retail, real estate, and marketing, excels as a relationship management and client services leader. Her strategic vision and exceptional ability to foster strong client relationships drive growth and profitability across ventures. Michelle's expertise spans industries, and her sales genius makes her insights invaluable for businesses aiming to excel.

Social Media Footprint: 20K+

MRT EML CS w_coffee cup_edited.jpg

Shani Curry

Shani is a seasoned personal finance expert and coach. Her journey to financial empowerment began with raising her credit score, enabling her to purchase her first home at the young age of 22. With over a decade of experience in financial products, she's dedicated to helping others achieve their financial goals.

Social Media Footprint: 98K+

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