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Meet the Talento Unlimited Team! We're a dedicated group of seasoned professionals boasting over 20 years of collective experience in marketing, luxury, retail, and event production. Proudly female-founded and owned.

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Cristy Clavijo-Kish

Founder & CEO

As the CEO and Founder of Talento Unlimited, Cristy Clavijo-Kish drives the agency’s innovative approach to Hispanic marketing, influencer campaigns, and event marketing strategy. With an illustrious career dedicated to enhancing brand engagement and partnerships within the Latino community, Cristy’s visionary leadership has positioned Talento Unlimited as a pivotal player in guiding larger markets toward strategic and intentional multicultural and Hispanic marketing efforts. Her strategic foresight, data-driven insights, and industry relationships have fueled the agency’s growth, seamlessly blending her passion for Hispanic marketing with the evolving needs of a diverse marketplace.

Michelle Rodriguez Tapanes

CFO & Director of Operations

Michelle Rodriguez Tapanes serves as the CFO and Director of Operations at Talento Unlimited, where her extensive expertise in hospitality, luxury retail, real estate, and marketing converges to drive operational excellence and financial growth. Michelle’s strategic approach to business development and her acute financial insights have been instrumental in shaping the agency’s success. Her exceptional relationship management and client services skills further underscore Talento Unlimited’s commitment to delivering outstanding results, cementing its reputation as a leader in the marketing industry.

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